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Overwatch Team

Ceres (SUPPORT) »

Ceres competed for many years in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory where he played for Bus Drivers. The team consistently placed first or second in the numerous leagues in North America. Important mentions are two first places in STA league and TWL league, as well as two second places in TWL and four second places in STA. Ceres started competing in DirtyBomb with FATE when competition started picking up and helped the team become a top contender in NA as well as get to a 3d place in Lion's DB Frag Fest #1 and a 4th place in DBN's only Invite Cup. After Dirty Bomb, Ceres lead the effort to establish FATE's Overwatch team.

Hardup (DPS) »

Hardup Photo

A life-long veteran of shooters, Hardup began playing with the original Doom. In the early days of high-latency internet, he practiced against the hardest modded quake AI bots he could find to hone his reaction time and accuracy. Hardup attended his first competitive LAN for Quake II and played competitively for Team XCM in Quake III. In 2007, FATE recruited Hardup to play Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. Hardup has competed in all other games with FATE since.

j4y (SUPPORT) »

j4y Photo

j4y began playing competively in Quake II and then transitioned to Quake III with team Bud Railers. After leaving Bud Railers, j4y continued playing Quake III with FATE. During the Enemy Territory Quake Wars beta, j4y helped recruit a squad to compete for FATE. FATE's ETQW team went on to be one of the most successful in FATE's history.

kohdz (FLEX)

Kohdz has a long history of competing both with and against FATE. in Quake Wars he competed for years against FATE while on team Silent Service, and in Dirty Bomb he played with Space Vikings and ZeroFiveZero initially before joining FATE after ZFZ disbanded.

indy (TANK) »

As competitive Dirty Bomb drew to a close, indy began playing with FATE in preparation for Overwatch. Previously he played competitively with team Imperfect Gaming in Battlefield Heroes. indy has been playing shooters since Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory in 2006.

crooKk (Coach) »

Our coach and analyst is another familiar face that decided to rejoin our team, this time helping us with his expertise and analysis. CrooKk (prophet in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory) played Wolfenstein 09 with FATE and managed to take third place in $10,000 Launch Tournament Sponsored by Intel. During the years he played Enemy Territory, crooKk played for unfaithful and managed to win a TWL and CAL championship, as well as play at a CAL-I level. He also played Quake Wars on and off with Hubris winning a season in TGL and CAL. His most recent ventures were in DirtyBomb where he played competitively with initialize and FATE.

Overwatch Results

Mock-it League (2016) Overwatch »

FATE finished 3rd in the first ever Mock-it League after winning against Goofy Goobers, iniMI Gaming, Bold Purpose Gaming, DIGiorno Unchained and losing to Assertion Failed. In the third place match, FATE beat xD xD xD.

VOD of our close games against Assertion Failed: https://www.twitch.tv/mockitleague/v/69012617

Overwatch Summer Series #1 (2016) Overwatch »

Despite not being part of the closed beta and having played the game 4 days during open beta, FATE participated in the first tournament possible after the launch of Overwatch. After securing 3 wins during the first day, FATE qualified for the second day finals where we beat Tropic Gaming, Team Entropy and lost to Its Gona Be Mei. A third place match was not played and FATE tied for 3rd place.

VOD of our games against Team Entropy and Its Gona Be Mei: https://www.twitch.tv/houseparty5v5/v/68614769

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