Mock-it League (2016) Overwatch »

FATE finished 3rd in the first ever Mock-it League after winning against Goofy Goobers, iniMI Gaming, Bold Purpose Gaming, DIGiorno Unchained and losing to Assertion Failed. In the third place match, FATE beat xD xD xD.

VOD of our close games against Assertion Failed:

Overwatch Summer Series #1 (2016) Overwatch »

Despite not being part of the closed beta and having played the game 4 days during open beta, FATE participated in the first tournament possible after the launch of Overwatch. After securing 3 wins during the first day, FATE qualified for the second day finals where we beat Tropic Gaming, Team Entropy and lost to Its Gona Be Mei. A third place match was not played and FATE tied for 3rd place.

VOD of our games against Team Entropy and Its Gona Be Mei:

Short Play Of The Game

DBN Invite Cup #1 (2015) DirtyBomb »

DBNation invited FATE to participate in the first DBN invitational cup for Dirty Bomb. During the group stage, FATE defeated Equilibrium and to win Group C undefeated. FATE then went on to defeat and DRAAKJES 2-0 in the quarter finals before being eliminated by SICK6, the eventual champions, in the semifinal round. A third place match was not played. FATE tied for 3rd place.

DBN Invite Cup #1 Bracket

F8 vs DRKJS Shoutcasted by PixelTwitch and INF3RN0 Part2

F8 vs TAG Shoutcasted by PixelTwitch and INF3RN0

F8 vs RAISN Qualifier (with coms)

F8 vs VGS Qualifier (with coms)

Lion's DB Frag Fest #1 (2015) DirtyBomb »

Despite hailing from NA, FATE participated in LowLandLion's first EU DB Frag Fest tournament. After a first round bye, FATE defeated TeamDuoMedic 2-0 and 1stCav eSports Club 2-0 to reach the semifinals. SICK6 stopped FATE at the semifinals, and went on to face Planetkey Dynamics in the finals. A third place match was not played and FATE tied for 3rd place.

Lion's DB Frag Fest #1 Bracket

LLL Frag Day #1 F8. Ceres Highlights

QuakeCon (2009) Quake Live

FATE member Nelson "Hardup" Maxson placed 2nd in the Intel Quake Live Open Championship tournament at QuakeCon 2009 in Grapevine, Texas, taking home a prize of $750.

Intel Wolfenstein Championship (2009)

FATE's Wolfenstein team battled 34 other teams in the Intel Wolfenstein Championship, placing 3rd and winning a prize of $1,750.

QuakeCon (2008) ET:QW

FATE's Enemy Territory: Quake Wars team placed 4th in the Activision Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Team Championships at QuakeCon 2008 in Dallas, taking home a $1,000 prize.

CAL Seasons 1, 2, and 3 (2008) ET:QW

FATE's ETQW team placed 2nd in three consecutive seasons of CAL.

TGL 5v5 Infantry Only League (2008) ET:QW

FATE's ETQW squad placed 2nd in the regular season, but came out on top with a 1st place finish in the TGL 5v5 Infantry Only league playoffs.

Mini League 4v4 Infantry Only (2008) ET:QW

FATE's ETQW team placed 1st in the regular season standings with an undefeated record of 6-0 (the league did not have post-season playoffs).

GigabitsLAN (2008) COD 4

FATE's CoD4 team placed 2nd place at the GigabitsLAN tournament in Orlando Florida.